JULY American Month

The Month of July is when we remember why WE live, work and play in AMERICA. As American citizens we have access to Food resources, Bathroom & Showers with running water, sewer system, EDUCATION, SOCIAL SERVICES, Health insurance and many more.

The United States Of America is home to over 44 Million American citizens where a majority Originated / Heritage is from one or a few of the 195 Countries around the world, including; Europe, Italy, Israel, Africa, Haiti, Portugal, Ireland, Spain and more!

Yes, it’s not PERFECT, nothing ever is, but as AMERICANS we have that right to find ways to improve upon them PEACEFULLY, collectively as citizens of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.


JULY is American Heritage History Month
* We celebrate our INDEPENDENCE!

*We celebrate English as the official language of the United States of America that unites us as one!
* We celebrate the best of America during the whole month of July.
*We remember the best of American History

*We Celebrate the country that offers more opportunities and social mobility than any other place in the world!

*We celebrate access to the best Health care and Education.

*We celebrate the US Constitution that includes  the fundamental American Values of FREEDOM of Speech,  Religion and worker rights

*We celebrate USA land of the FREE where it’s citizens are given the choice to do good or evil, within it’s law or against them,

*We the people enjoy the freedom to voice when we agree or disagree.

*We celebrate the FREEDOM to VOTE without fearing for our lives or murdered for our individual point of view while enjoying peaceful transitions of government at every level

USOFA Community Foundation, Inc.